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“Drinking hot tea is a daily ritual for millions of people. In warm and cooler climates tea seems to bring a sense of relaxation and comfort. In Croatia, which is, by tradition (and due to our geographic placement), a coffee drinking country, there are not many chances to get a healthy coffee alternative. And this is Just our cup of tea- tea-bag integrated tea cup. It enables us to have a quick, spil-free drink on the run, without messing around with a tea-bag. It is easy to use, clean and reusable. Every cup can be used two times, then discarded into the paper bin and recy­cled to find its new life in another paper form.”

BLOK 4 is a creative team comprised of Katarina, Keti and their external associate Tihana. We cover different design areas – from graphic (visual identity, publications, packaging, illustrations) and interactive (web design and interactive interface) to product (interior, furnishing) and inclusive design.

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One does need the hot water to add there, though.
Cool idea nonetheless.

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  • 24 January 2013
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